Why you should use a solicitor to draft your Will

DIY Wills may be tempting and how hard can they really be? Well you’d be surprised. Without the advice of a legal professional, a DIY Will can result in a variety of problems.

Using a solicitor to draft your Will

Wills & Probate Solicitors at Middletons Solicitors are experienced in all aspects of writing a Will. Where DIY Wills fall down is their attention to detail, small mistakes such as not using your full name, or evidence of staple or paperclip marks can cause issues later on with the Probate Registries.

However, it isn’t just the minor details that can trip you up when writing a Will. There is a higher potential for disputes to arise in the case of DIY Wills. Especially when the person writing the Will is elderly, as this is when questions of their mental capacity or true intentions can arise.

How do Middletons draft your Will differently?

At Middletons Solicitors, we ensure all the Wills we draft are dealt with by a legal professional, signed and witnessed correctly and stored securely. We strongly advise everyone who decides to make a Will to seek professional legal advice.


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