What is an easement?

An easement is the right to use or access someone’s property without having ownership of it. There are a number of easement rights all suited to the varied causes of an easement.

Easements have proven useful for a number of reasons. For providing pedestrians with safe access from one point to another, or for workers who will be crossing someone’s land regularly due to the work they’re completing on another property nearby.

Easements can also forbid the landowner from using their plot in ways which affect the rights of their neighbours. As an example, if someone has built a structure which interferes with the ease of access to their neighbour’s driveway.


What is a right of way?

A right of way is the most common type of easement. The rights mean that someone else has rights of access or joined ownership of connecting lands.

Many people are under the assumption that if they own a property or piece of land that it’s solely theirs. Some properties, however, may have a right of way law in place where other people legally have the right to pass over your land. This can be public rights of way or rights of way for private land.

The disagreements which can occur can derive down to whether a right of way exists, the extent of the right, and the responsibilities of the law.


Proceeding with right of way easement disputes

Rights of way can cause issues for landowners or those who have right of way to access a property. Disputes about land are common and can become extremely time consuming and costly.

Our team of right of way solicitors will be able to get to the heart of the problem and work toward rectifying the issue. We’re experienced in dealing with a range of right of way disputes and will be more than happy to speak with you in regard to your issue or dispute.


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