What Policies And Procedures Do I Need In Place In My Business?

Whether you are starting a new business or have been in operation for a while, there are a number of policies and procedures you need to have in place if you employ staff or are about to.
Some micro businesses with less than 5 people will have reduced health and safety policy responsibilities but on the whole, the requirements for your business, whatever its size, will be the same.
Although you might feel that having lots of policies and procedures in your business is a hassle and will cost you time and money to put together, if you don’t have them, there is a real risk that you will be faced with a claim from an employee that will cost you more in the long run.
So where should you start?
A really good place to start would be to ask for some help from an employment law solicitor. Whilst this will carry a cost, you will be able to ensure that your policies and procedures comply with employment law and will not expose you or your business to any litigation, as long as they are properly enforced.
There are so many employment law issues which you need to be aware of that it is easy to feel out of your depth. Some of them are:
• Minimum wage
• Working hours
• Annual leave
• Family policies (such as maternity and paternity leave)
• Health and Safety
• Managing absence
• Disciplinary processes
• Grievances
• Recruitment and selection
• Dismissal
• Redundancy
The list already seems lengthy and without specialist help will you be able to ensure that all of your policies and procedures are current and legally robust?
There are many other issues which you may have to provide written policies on, such as the use of the internet or email, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, confidentiality and perhaps even dress code.
In order to protect yourself and your business, working with a specialist employment law solicitor to draw up these policies and procedures will allow your business to thrive and move forward and your employees to feel protected and looked after too.
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