Point of Interest – Ownership of the Immovable Property Outside the Jurisdiction of England, Wales and the European Union

We wanted to share an interesting question that we have been asked about property (land and buildings) owned outside the jurisdiction of England, Wales and the European Union.

The specific question arose with regard to the inheritance of property in Egypt and it underlines the need to take clear legal advice from a lawyer qualified in the jurisdiction in the country where property is situated.

Apparently, in Egypt, there is an entirely different set of rules from those in England and Wales, and indeed the EU.

For instance, a natural heir such as a son or daughter cannot be a beneficiary under an Egyptian Will. We understand that it is an essential condition that Wills must relate to non-heirs. It is also understood that an Egyptian Will, according to the civil law in Egypt, cannot relate to more than one third of someone’s entire estate. Apparently, there are ways that this can be addressed, more commonly by including children on the title to property or alternatively entering into a sale contract to be produced on the death of the property owner.

If you own property in Egypt, then you need to advice from an Egyptian lawyer to make sure that your property can pass to your intended beneficiaries.