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An example of why Wills should not be left until the last minute

28th February 2012 | Wills & Probate

Wills Act - Don't Leave Until The Last Minute | Middletons Solicitors  | Andover Solicitors The Wills Act 1837.  175 years ago Parliament passed the Wills Act which still dictates whether a Will is valid today. When you consider the number of Acts of Parliament which have been added to the statute book since then, it is perhaps surprising that the development of the law relating to Wills has largely been left to the Judges by way of case law rather than Members of Parliament.  The...


Man challenges his uncle’s Will to inherit house

7th January 2012 | Wills & Probate

A man has won the right to inherit his uncle’s house even though he had been written out of the Will. The issue arose when the man and his family moved into his uncle’s house on the understanding that they would inherit the property. The uncle encouraged the move and made several promises that they would inherit. The nephew carried out maintenance and repair work on the basis that the house would eventually be his. However, the relationship between the two men began to sour. The...