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Son fails to overturn his mother’s Will

8th February 2013 | Wills & Probate

Son Fails To Overturn Will With Testamentary Capacity | Middletons Law | Andover Solicitors  The value of having your Will properly drawn up by a solicitor was highlighted in a recent case before the courts. The case involved a woman who decided she did not want her son to inherit any of her estate. The woman and her son had been in business together. At one point, the son was charged with several counts of fraud in connection with the business. He was acquitted of all charges but...


Surge in number of people taking out Lasting Powers of Attorney

26th November 2012 | Wills & Probate

Surge in Lasting Powers of Attorney Numbers | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  There’s been a 20% rise in the number of people taking out Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) over the last year, according to official figures. LPAs allow you to appoint someone to look after your affairs if you reach a point in the future when you can no longer make decisions on your own behalf. This could be as a result of failing health, or it could simply be that you are out of the country or...


Only use qualified professionals for Wills and Probate

8th October 2012 | Wills & Probate

Only Use Qualified Experts For Wills and Probate | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  People are often surprised to find that anyone can set up in business providing Will writing and Probate services – even if they have no qualifications and no insurance to protect their clients if something goes wrong. This has led to thousands of cases of people being overcharged, or having wills drawn up that are not legally watertight. The Legal Services Board (LSB) conducted an...


New digital approach to Lasting Powers of Attorney

31st July 2012 | Wills & Probate

New Digital Approach To LPA | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) are a well established way of appointing someone you trust to make decisions of your behalf if you ever lose the ability to manage your affairs at some point in the future. They are often set up as people get older and fear their health may begin to fail. Alternatively, people use them if they are going to be out of the country or preoccupied for some other reason and need someone...


Dementia sufferer’s Will successfully challenged

9th July 2012 | Wills & Probate

Dementia Sufferer's Will Challenged Successfully | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  A man’s Will made shortly before he died has been overturned because he had been suffering from dementia and did not understand what he was doing when he left all his estate to his carer. The court heard that the man had made a Will in 2003 when he was in good health. This Will was drawn up for him by his family solicitor who knew him well. However, the man’s health then began to...


Man’s living will upheld – life-saving treatment can cease

13th June 2012 | Wills & Probate

Man's Living Will Upheld - Life Saving Treatment Cease | Middletons Law Firm | Andover Solicitors  A man’s living will calling for life-saving treatment to be withdrawn has been upheld by the Court of Protection. The 67-year-old man, known as XB during the hearing, suffered from motor neurone disease for several years. In November 2011, he communicated to family members using eye movements that artificial feeding and ventilation should be stopped under certain circumstances. This...


Will declared invalid over signing error – adopted son loses out

21st May 2012 | Wills & Probate

Will Declared Invalid Over Signing Error | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  A couple’s adopted son is unable to inherit their estate as planned because they signed each other’s Wills by mistake. The court ruled that the Wills therefore had to be declared invalid. Alfred and Maureen Rawlings befriended and unofficially adopted orphan Terry Marley when he was 15. They already had two sons of their own. Mr Marley lived with them for 30 years and looked after them in...


Prime Minister doubles funding for research into dementia

18th May 2012 | Wills & Probate

Prime Minister Doubles Research Into Dementia Funding | Middletons Law | Andover Solicitors  Prime Minister David Cameron is to double the funding for research into dementia to £66m by 2015. It’s estimated that dementia affects about 800,000 people in the UK. Mr Cameron said: “One of the greatest challenges of our time is what I’d call the quiet crisis, one that steals lives and tears at the hearts of families, but that relative to its impact is hardly...


Will Writing to be Regulated to protect the public

1st May 2012 | Wills & Probate

Will Writing To Be Regulated To Protect Public | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors Will writing and estate administration services are to face strict regulation to protect consumers from sloppy and fraudulent practitioners. The move comes after a long investigation by the Legal Services Board (LSB) – the body that oversees the regulation of legal services. The issue arose because at the moment, anyone can set up in business as a will writer, even though they have no...



14th March 2012 | Wills & Probate

Two Good Reasons To Make Lasting Power of Attorney | Middletons Law Firm | Andover Solicitors Last week I was asked by a relative of an elderly client to go to Salisbury hospital to see my client about making a Lasting Power of Attorney. I arrived with a retired social worker who I had asked to act as an independent person who could verify that my Client fully understood the nature of the document she was being asked to sign, and sign the appropriate certificate. Unfortunately the...