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Q&A: Advice for avoiding inheritance disputes

18th November 2019 | Dispute Resolution, Wills & Probate

Thank you for all of your legal questions over the last month. Our friendly team of experts randomly chose to answer the following question: Question: "I have recently had an argument with my adult son and I no longer want him to inherit any part of my Estate. I have two other adult children and I want to leave it all to them, but I am worried that he will come after his siblings’ inheritance.  Is there anything I can do to avoid him claiming against my Estate?" With the number of...


Probate Fees Set To Increase

11th February 2019 | Wills & Probate

You may have heard on the news that the Government is yet again returning to the question of increasing probate fees. On 7 February 2019, the House of Commons Delegated Legislation Committee voted to progress these changes – so what are the new fees going to be? And when are they going to be introduced?  Should you be applying for probate now? While the changes are yet to be approved by the House of Commons and a date for that has not yet been announced, the proposed changes will...


100,000 People Overpaid Power of Attorney Fees – Do You Qualify for a Refund? How Can You Reclaim?

15th February 2018 | Wills & Probate

A Power of Attorney fee refund scheme has been launched. The scheme will see all those eligible for a partial refund to claim back money they overspent when making a Power of Attorney application. The new scheme was launched on the 1st of February of this year and aims to return the overpaid fee back to those who applied for lasting or enduring powers of attorney between the 1st April 2013 – 31st March 2017. The reason for the confusion of the price is down to the Office of the Public...


Why you should use a solicitor to draft your Will

10th July 2017 | Wills & Probate

DIY Wills may be tempting and how hard can they really be? Well you’d be surprised. Without the advice of a legal professional, a DIY Will can result in a variety of problems. Using a solicitor to draft your Will Wills & Probate Solicitors at Middletons Solicitors are experienced in all aspects of writing a Will. Where DIY Wills fall down is their attention to detail, small mistakes such as not using your full name, or evidence of staple or paperclip marks can cause issues later on...


What are the key things to include in a will?

10th May 2017 | Wills & Probate

Writing a will | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  There are a number of things you need to include when writing a will. With the help of one of our friendly and approachable legal specialists, you can rest assured everything will be covered. We take a look at the important things to include when writing a will: Writing a will and what to include Executors An executor is the person, or people, in charge of sorting out the estate. If this is required they have to apply for...


Four Reasons You Need To Write A Will

14th March 2017 | Wills & Probate

Writing a will can solve your family unnecessary distress at an already difficult time once you’re gone. There are a variety of reasons why you should write a will. Your will tells everyone what should happen to your estate (your property, possessions and money) after you die. Unfortunately, if you don’t write a will, the law decides how your estate is passed on. This may not be necessarily how you had planned. Here are four reasons why you should write a will. 1. Reduce...


Dementia sufferer’s Will leaving estate to grandson declared invalid

27th May 2016 | Wills & Probate

A 91-year-old woman’s will leaving all her estate to her grandson has been declared invalid because she suffered from dementia and was unaware of the consequences of her actions. The case involved a woman who had six grandchildren who all stood to inherit when she died. Three months before her death, her grandson helped her to draw up a will leaving all her estate to him. When she died, her other grandchildren challenged the will on the basis that the woman suffered from...


Wealthy families face £20,000 rise in probate fees

15th March 2016 | Wills & Probate

Families inheriting estates valued at more than £2m will have to pay probate fees of £20,000 under new proposals being put forward by the government. The move would also see the beneficiaries of much smaller estates paying no fee at all. Under the current system, all estates worth more than £5,000 pay a standard probate fee of £155 when made by a solicitor and £215 if made by a beneficiary. The government wants to introduce a sliding scale with fees increasing depending on...


Big rise in the number of people challenging ‘unfair wills’

23rd February 2016 | Wills & Probate

The number of people challenging what they consider to be unfair wills has risen by 20% over the last 10 years. There is also a growing tendency for people to consider that they are entitled to inherit their parents’ wealth, even if their parents want to leave some or all of their money to charities, friends or other family members. The figures are from a survey published in the Times newspaper. Researchers found that one in five people aged between 35 and 44 believed that there...


What is Intestacy?

4th December 2015 | Wills & Probate

When you die, no matter how much money you have, your estate has to be dealt with. This means that a family member or close friend must talk to the bank, disconnect all your utilities, pay of all your debts and get back any money owed. This is called probate and this is usually triggered by finding a Will and identifying who has been named as the Executor of the estate. However, when a Will cannot be found there is nothing there to trigger this process or allocate anyone to complete this...