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What is considered a personal injury?

19th June 2017 | Personal Injury

Many people are unsure if they can claim compensation when they find themselves injured. A personal injury can be a physical injury, disease or illness, as well as a psychological injury or illness. These injuries could include an injury at work, during a traffic accident, as a result of tripping over uneven paving stones or even as a result of faulty good or services. As well as these physical injuries, personal injury claims can also cover psychological illnesses caused by...


Woman injured by negligent driver awarded more than £10,000

27th January 2016 | Personal Injury

Woman Injured By Negligent Driver Awarded Over £10k A woman who was injured in an accident involving a negligent driver has been awarded more than £10,000 compensation. The court heard that the woman had been stationary in her car when another vehicle ran into it at speed. The impact pushed her car forward several feet and she sustained injuries to her neck and knee. The woman, who is 70, had to have surgery and was unable to walk for two months afterwards. She suffered severe...


What is Criminal Injuries Compensation?

5th November 2015 | Personal Injury

Criminal Injuries Compensation Explained | Middletons Solicitors  If you are injured as an innocent victim of crime, you have the right to apply for compensation for your injuries. Your injuries can be physical or psychological and the method used to assess compensation is a specific tariff which your case will be mapped against to see what compensation you are entitled to. There are a number of different criteria that need to be met in order to make a claim for criminal injuries...


Medical negligence and how to claim

29th July 2015 | Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury

If you or someone in your family has suffered from poor care whilst being treated in hospital or at a GP surgery, it can be very upsetting for you, but poor care does not necessarily mean that there has been medical negligence. Whilst medical negligence claims are rising, the number of claims is still relatively small in comparison to the number of people who utilise the services of the NHS, but that does not lessen the impact of medical negligence on your life. The consequences of...


Charity Cyclist’s Widow Receives Compensation

15th May 2015 | Personal Injury

Charity Cyclist’s Widow Receives Compensation | Middletons Solicitors  The widow of a man who was killed after hitting a pothole in the road during a charity bike ride has been awarded a six figure sum in compensation from North Yorkshire County Council. Martyn Uzzell was completing a charity bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats and was cycling on the A65 near Giggleswick when he hit a pothole in the road and was thrown off his bike into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The...


Is There A Time Period For A Personal Injury Claim?

21st January 2015 | Personal Injury

How long do I have to make a personal injury claim? | Middletons Solicitor  If you have been injured in an accident you could claim compensation for your injuries. You may have been injured in an accident at work, a car accident, a sports accident or perhaps in a trip or slip. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, you should get advice from a specialist solicitor to see if you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. This can be particularly important if you have...


Pensioner awarded £9,000 after slipping on shop floor

3rd October 2014 | Personal Injury

Personal Injury Shop Claim Awards Pensioner £9k | Middletons Solicitors A pensioner has been awarded £9,000 compensation after she slipped on a coat hanger in a shop. The woman had been making her way through the store when she stepped on the hanger which had been left on the floor. It caused her left foot to slip backwards and she fell forwards, landing on her face and right arm. She suffered a fractured wrist as well as cuts to her lip and right eyebrow. She needed a k-wire...


How Can I Afford To Pay A Solicitor To Make A Personal Injury Claim?

22nd July 2014 | Personal Injury

A Guide To Affording a Solicitor for a Personal Injury Claim | Middletons Solicitors There is no doubt that being involved in an accident, whether it is a road accident or an accident at work, is very upsetting. This upset and stress becomes even more amplified if you are injured in the accident. Your injuries may mean that you are unable to work for a period of time which could lead to financial problems and you may need treatment to recover from your injuries which could leave you out...


Carer awarded £1.5m compensation after being injured at work

10th March 2014 | Personal Injury

A carer has been awarded £1.5m compensation after developing fibromyalgia as a result of two separate workplace accidents. On the first occasion, the 42-year-old woman was helping a patient get out of bed. The patient’s legs gave way and as she fell she dragged the carer with her. The second accident happened three months later. The carer was helping a patient go to the toilet. Again the patient’s legs gave way and she fell. This time the carer suffered a severe twist in her...


Widow awarded £705,000 after contracting same disease as husband

24th February 2014 | Personal Injury

Widow Awarded £705k After Same Contracting Disease As Husband | Middletons Solicitors A widow has been awarded £705,000 compensation after developing terminal lung cancer as a result of washing her husband’s overalls. Monica Haxton’s husband died from mesothelioma in 2009 after several years working near asbestos in his job as an electrician. Two years later, Mrs Haxton started to suffer from acute breathlessness just as her husband had done. She too was diagnosed with...