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No Fault Divorce

21st May 2019 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the Government’s intention to introduce what is known as “no fault divorce”. This is a very welcome change. However, it is not yet with us – it is still reliant upon the Government introducing it through Parliament when Parliamentary time allows! We won’t mention Brexit! Nevertheless, it does have cross-party support and therefore is very likely to be introduced. Up until now to obtain a divorce – if not relying on one of the...


Get to know Middletons Solicitors

1st May 2017 | Commercial Property, Family Matters

Who are Middletons Solicitors? What do they do? With more than 50 years experience, Middletons Solicitors provide the highest standard of advice and service in all practice areas. Originally established as Middleton & Upsall in 1962, by Eustace Middleton and Michael Upsall, Middletons Solicitors has gone through multiple changes to become Middletons. In 2006, the firm acquired another local firm - Keith A Pearce - and opened an office in Westbury in 2010. Eventually, in 2012,...


What is a consent order? And why is it important?

16th April 2017 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

What is a consent order? | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  When a marriage does break down, there are decisions to be made. This includes who gets what, either in a court of law or mutually without legal intervention. Unfortunately, financial disputes can arise, with ex partners even returning and claiming assets at a later date. What is a consent order? A consent order is a legal document which finalises financial matters in a divorce. With one, your partner could return...


Divorce settlements may have to be recalculated due to error

4th January 2016 | Family Matters

Thousands of divorce settlements may have to be recalculated due to an error on a form on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) website. The error involves Form E, which is shown on the website and is used to record the financial details of divorcing couples including their assets and liabilities. It’s been discovered that the software running the form has not been taking all liabilities into account and so may produce misleading results in some circumstances. Not all couples use the...


Two women deceived in divorce settlements can apply for more

12th November 2015 | Family Matters

Two women who claim their husbands withheld the true extent of their wealth in divorce proceedings have won their appeal to be allowed to reopen their cases and apply for a better settlement. Alison Sharland received £10m in cash and property when she divorced her husband Charles three years ago. At the time she was led to believe that his business, Appsense, was valued at between £31m and £47m. However, reports in the media later suggested that the business was due to be...


A Guide to the Divorce Process

7th October 2015 | Family Matters

A Guide To The Divorce Process | Middletons Solicitors Making the decision to end your marriage will never be an easy one, but understanding the divorce process may help you to feel a little more in control of what is happening. This guide will lay out the procedure for you and highlight some of the areas you need to consider. In order to start the divorce process, you must have been married for a least a year and your marriage must have irretrievably broken down. Once you have decided...


Should Cohabitation and Legal Rights Go Hand In Hand?

18th August 2015 | Family Matters

Should Cohabitation and Legal Rights Go Hand In Hand? | Middletons Solicitors The myth of common law marriage has been around for so long and many people still believe that if you live with someone for a period of time that you obtain similar rights to those of a married couple. Even though this is absolutely untrue, a recent YouGov survey demonstrates that there is a real lack of knowledge and understanding around the legal rights of a cohabiting couple. Nearly half of the people...


What Is A Clean Break Order?

20th February 2015 | Family Matters

When getting divorced from your spouse, there are a number of different orders which can be made during the process and one of these is a clean break order. Whilst there is an additional cost involved in getting this in place, there are also a number of benefits to this order being in place. It can offer you some real protection against any future financial claims made against you by your ex-spouse. Most of us think that once the divorce is settled that it is all over and the...


‘Homemaker’ wife wins chance to get better divorce settlement

28th January 2015 | Family Matters

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a judge got it wrong when calculating the divorce settlement for a woman who gave up a lucrative career to look after her children. The case of Julia Hammans will now be re-tried by another judge to ensure that she is treated fairly. The court heard that Ms Hammans gave up a high paid job as a financial director so that she and her husband could raise a family. When the couple divorced in 2004 after 21 years of marriage, she estimated that their...


What Grounds Can I Use In A Divorce?

31st October 2014 | Family Matters

What Are Considered Grounds For Divorce? | Middletons Solicitors  Once you have made the difficult decision to get a divorce, there are five grounds that can be used in your divorce petition. Grounds for divorce is a legal term used to describe the reason you give on your divorce petition for the ending of your marriage. The first grounds for divorce is adultery. This means that your spouse had a sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex outside of your marriage. The grounds for...