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What are Pre and Postnuptial Agreements?

8th August 2019 | Divorce and Separation

This article does not distinguish between prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. They are, for the most part, discussed interchangeably by the courts. And per Lord Phillips in the case of Radmacher (2010), they will usually be treated identically by the court. For the sake of ease, I will refer to the document as a prenuptial agreement (PNA) hereafter. In no circumstances can a PNA be binding in our jurisdiction (England and Wales). In every case, the court is obliged to consider the...


What are the differences between military and civilian divorces?

26th June 2019 | Divorce and Separation

How to get a divorce in the military The legal procedure for both types of divorce are the same, but there are a number of ways in which military divorces do differ from that of a civilian. This is in respect of the various military pension schemes, boarding school allowances and service family accommodation. One of the biggest concerns in filing for a divorce in the military is in relation to their pension. The military pension now falls under the 1975, 2005 and 2015 schemes. The ways in...


No Fault Divorce

21st May 2019 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the Government’s intention to introduce what is known as “no fault divorce”. This is a very welcome change. However, it is not yet with us – it is still reliant upon the Government introducing it through Parliament when Parliamentary time allows! We won’t mention Brexit! Nevertheless, it does have cross-party support and therefore is very likely to be introduced. Up until now to obtain a divorce – if not relying on one of the...


What is a consent order? And why is it important?

16th April 2017 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

What is a consent order? | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  When a marriage does break down, there are decisions to be made. This includes who gets what, either in a court of law or mutually without legal intervention. Unfortunately, financial disputes can arise, with ex partners even returning and claiming assets at a later date. What is a consent order? A consent order is a legal document which finalises financial matters in a divorce. With one, your partner could return...


The importance of legal representation during divorce and separation

8th April 2017 | Divorce and Separation

Divorce is life-changing and difficult at the best of times. At this time, you’ll need that peace of mind that comes with working with our experts. A divorce or separation can affect those around you, such as your children or family members. Middletons Solicitors put your interests above everything else, dealing with your case sensitively and professionally. We understand the effects a divorce or separation can have on anyone involved, which is why we take great time and care in helping...


Wife loses appeal over clean break divorce settlement

4th October 2013 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

Court Refuse Wife Periodic Payments During Divorce Settlement | Middletons Solicitors A wife who wanted to receive periodic payments from her husband as part of a divorce settlement has lost her appeal against a court’s decision that there should be a clean break instead. The case involved a couple who had lived together for several years but then separated only eight months after marrying. They had two children. The husband was a self-employed plumber. The wife had worked for...


Woman fails to share in ex-husband’s newly earned riches

4th June 2013 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

Court of Appeal Overturns Claim To Husband's Riches | Middletons Law | Andover Solicitors  A woman who divorced her husband when they both had no money has failed in her bid to share in the fortune he earned after the marriage ended. Dale Vince and Kathleen Julie Wyatt separated in 1984 when they were both in their early 20s. They divorced in 1992. Mr Vince was penniless at the time but he then went on to become a millionaire after setting up a business creating energy from wind...


Husband jailed for failing to disclose assets in divorce case

15th March 2013 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

Husband Jailed In Divorce Case For Not Disclosing Assets | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  A businessman has been jailed for persistently failing to provide details about his finances during his divorce case. Scot Young says he is bankrupt and penniless but his wife Michelle claims he is a multi-millionaire. He has failed to comply with court orders demanding details about his financial circumstances. The case dates back several years. In 2009, Mr Young was given a...


Creating a ‘Good Divorce’ Guide

12th October 2012 | Divorce and Separation

Creating A Good Divorce Guide | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors Married couples who once loved each other can end up tearing each other apart as they go through a difficult divorce. Does it have to be that way? The Government thinks not and is now spending £14m producing a “good divorce guide” and providing support services for couples struggling to cope as their marriage comes to an end. It will be interesting to see what officials come up with but they’re...


Review of how assets should be split when couples Divorce

7th July 2012 | Divorce and Separation, Family Matters

Review of How Assets Should Be Split During Divorce | Middletons Solicitors | Andover Solicitors  The way a couple’s assets should be split during divorce proceedings or the dissolution of civil partnerships is to be reviewed by the Law Commission. The review will concentrate on two specific issues. The first is the extent to which one party should be required to meet the other’s financial needs after the relationship ends. The second is how to deal with non-matrimonial...