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Can I Get My Rental Deposit Back?

15th January 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Can I Get My Rental Deposit Back? A Guide To Rental Deposit Common Practice and Schemes | Middletons When you rent a property it is normal practice to pay a deposit. The rental deposit is there to give the landlord some protection in case you don’t pay your rent or you damage the property. Usually, you pay one month’s rent as a deposit when you move in and as long as all is well throughout the rental period, you should get your deposit back. Due to the large number of disputes...


The Most Common Types of Consumer Claims

5th August 2014 | Dispute Resolution

Deciding to hire a workman or to change suppliers for your telephone, broadband or utilities is often a difficult decision to make. You might have concerns over whether a deal is too good to be true or perhaps over the quality of the work which you might receive from a supplier. Once you have received the service, what should you do if it goes wrong? Whatever your complaint, there will be guidance about what your legal rights are in the circumstances and how you can attempt to...


Confidence In The Economy Keeps On Growing

23rd June 2014 | Dispute Resolution

Most of us tentatively feel that we are emerging from the other side of the worst recession in many years. With the number of jobs on the rise and industries showing growth again, many economists feel that the pain has passed and the British economy is on the rise again. This seems to be borne out by the people in the UK too, as the GfK Index which reviews consumer sentiment, shows the biggest improvement in economic conviction in nearly 40 years. The odd thing about the position of the...


Do I Need A Solicitor For A Commercial Dispute

28th May 2014 | Dispute Resolution

With the news that commercial disputes are on the rise as a result of the recession, what should you do if you are facing a commercial dispute and should you engage the services of a solicitor to help you? You will obviously be worried if you are faced with a commercial dispute. It could be that you are in dispute with a company or individual or that someone has raised a dispute against you. Whatever the circumstances, you need to consider all of the benefits and drawbacks of...


Should An Accountant Be Liable For Failed Tax Avoidance Schemes For Clients?

16th April 2014 | Dispute Resolution

Tax avoidance is a hot topic in the UK with the Starbucks, Amazon and Google’s tax affairs presenting challenges for the economy here in the UK. The Court of Appeal recently overturned a decision which made an accountant liable for a failed tax avoidance scheme he set up for a client.In the original dispute, Hossein Mehjoo had developed an extremely successful business in the UK after coming here as an Iranian refugee. As a result of this successful business, Mr Mehjoo faced a large tax...


Installation firm wins case against negligent surveyors

19th February 2014 | Dispute Resolution

An installation company has won compensation from a firm of surveyors who were negligent when assessing the suitability of properties for cavity wall insulation. The installers won their case even though they had been negligent themselves. Employees of the surveying firm had inspected two timber-framed houses to determine whether they were suitable to have cavity wall insulation. They confirmed that they were suitable. The installers were also obliged to check the suitability...


Frequently Asked Questions In Commercial Disputes

16th February 2014 | Dispute Resolution

Commercial disputes can be draining financially and can have a negative impact on your business so it is in your best interests to try to resolve any dispute as quickly as possible. However, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best in these circumstances and what options are open to you. These are some of the most common questions or queries that are asked of a solicitor by their clients. • Why do I need a solicitor? This is a common question and one which needs to be...


Council must compensate homeowner for tree root damage

13th December 2013 | Dispute Resolution

A decision that a council should compensate a homeowner for subsidence damage caused by tree roots has been upheld by the Court of Appeal. The case involved a house that was about 30 metres away from a row of poplar trees in a local authority park. In 2003, the homeowner noticed cracks in the walls at the back of the house. More cracks appeared in 2006. Both engineering and arboriculture experts agreed that the damage was caused by tree roots extracting moisture from the clay...


Register will show who really owns and controls UK companies

12th December 2013 | Dispute Resolution

The government is to press ahead with plans for greater business transparency by creating a public register of who really owns and controls UK companies. Details of the proposal were first set out in the discussion paper, Transparency and Trust, published in July. Prime Minister David Cameron said: “We need to know who really owns and controls our companies. Not just who owns them legally, but who really benefits financially from their existence.” The Department for...


Driver compensated for ‘golliwog’ comments aimed at colleague

7th October 2013 | Dispute Resolution

Employee Resigns Claiming Constructive Dismissal Awarded £27k | Middletons Solicitors A black driver has been awarded £27,000 compensation after he became upset at hearing a colleague being called racist nicknames. Roy Morgan worked for a fruit and veg wholesale company in Gloucester. He was not subjected to direct racism himself but often heard his colleague, Brian Ennis, referred to by other workers as ‘golliwog Brian’ and ‘black Brian’. This was supposedly to...