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Q&A: Advice for avoiding inheritance disputes

18th November 2019 | Dispute Resolution, Wills & Probate

Thank you for all of your legal questions over the last month. Our friendly team of experts randomly chose to answer the following question: Question: "I have recently had an argument with my adult son and I no longer want him to inherit any part of my Estate. I have two other adult children and I want to leave it all to them, but I am worried that he will come after his siblings’ inheritance.  Is there anything I can do to avoid him claiming against my Estate?" With the number of...


What is mediation?

9th June 2017 | Dispute Resolution

What is mediation? | Middletons Solicitors | Andover | Warminster | Stockbridge Many people ask, ‘what is mediation?’ Essentially, mediation is a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party. When two parties are unwilling or unable to resolve a dispute, mediation can be a good option. Mediation is usually a voluntary process, although can sometimes be required by court orders or statutes. Mediation is a very practical solution to resolving both private and commercial...


Investors bring £27m negligence claim against property valuers

7th December 2015 | Dispute Resolution

A group of investors have brought a £27m professional negligence claim against a firm of property valuers following the collapse of a major development project. A judge at a preliminary hearing said they have a good chance of success but a full trial was necessary to assess the full extent of the loss and to what extent the valuers were to blame. The case involved a company that wanted to acquire five sites to develop into regional fire control centres. A property firm was...


Resolve A Dispute With Your Landlord

25th November 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Renting a property is usually hassle free and runs smoothly, providing both you and your landlord adhere to your responsibilities and honour the terms of your tenancy agreement. However, sometimes things don’t work out well and you end up in a dispute with your landlord. When this happens it is important to understand exactly what your rights are and to understand your ongoing responsibilities even when you are in dispute with your landlord. There are many different reasons why...


Neighbourly Disputes

9th November 2015 | Dispute Resolution

How To Approach Neighbourly Disputes | Middletons Solicitors When you move into a house you are never sure of the type of neighbour you are going to get. Most people get on with their neighbours, but there are times when relations can be strained. This can be for any number of reasons, such as on street parking, boundaries, repairs to shared amenities or problems with noise. Hopefully the issues can be ironed out and you can continue to live in peace with your neighbour. Sometimes though,...


Boundary Disputes and their impact

14th August 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Most boundary disputes that arise happen between residential property owners. This is probably because of the emotional reactions that occur when we feel our homes are being challenged. Boundary disputes tend to cause a huge amount of disruption for the parties involved and can take a very long time to resolve through the courts and cost a huge amount of money, not to mention the emotional toll this process has on the people involved. So what are the real issues in a boundary...


Medical negligence and how to claim

29th July 2015 | Dispute Resolution, Personal Injury

If you or someone in your family has suffered from poor care whilst being treated in hospital or at a GP surgery, it can be very upsetting for you, but poor care does not necessarily mean that there has been medical negligence. Whilst medical negligence claims are rising, the number of claims is still relatively small in comparison to the number of people who utilise the services of the NHS, but that does not lessen the impact of medical negligence on your life. The consequences of...


How do I resolve a dispute with a tradesman?

10th June 2015 | Dispute Resolution

How Do I Resolve A Dispute With A Tradesman? | Middletons Solicitors Deciding to carry out some work on your property can be exciting. Whether you are planning a bathroom or kitchen refit or something bigger like an extension, it makes sense to get some comparable quotes and some references from your tradesman and where possible use tradesman recommended to you by friends or family. This should go a long way to helping you avoid employing a poor workman, but you are still not protected...


How Can I Resolve A Dispute?

13th May 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Disputes can happen over many different things and in many different places. You may find yourself involved with a dispute with your landlord, with your neighbour or perhaps with your employer. These disputes will obviously occur for very different reasons however, the resolution process is similar in all of them. It is important to recognise that disputes can often escalate quickly but understanding how they can be resolved may help you to bring your dispute to a close. When you...


Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Tenant

18th March 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Tenant | Middletons Solicitors When you rent a property you have a number of rights but you also take on a number of responsibilities. It is important you understand what these rights and responsibilities are so you can behave as a responsible tenant, whilst also making sure your landlord behaves within the law. If you or your landlord act outside of the law, there may be a dispute between you and this could result in court action to resolve...