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Assured Tenancy Shorthold

30th September 2019 | Buying and Selling a Home

Are you considering buying a property subject to an existing assured shorthold tenancy? Then bear in mind that before doing so, certain considerations need to be taken into account by your solicitor. Your solicitor's duty to you, the client, is (as always) to ensure your position as the buyer is adequately safeguarded, particularly if having purchased the property it is your wish to evict the tenant. The last thing you want is to discover that you cannot evict the tenant unless they are...


Hiring A Property Solicitor and Buying A Home

2nd March 2017 | Buying and Selling a Home

Once you’ve found your perfect home and started making plans for a mortgage, you’ll need a conveyancer or property solicitor to support the sale. Conveyancing can be done by both property solicitors and conveyancers. This quick guide tells you everything you need to know regarding their role and how a property solicitor can help you buy your home. What does a property solicitor do? Conveyancing is a term used to describe the legal work between yourself and the seller of your new...


Help To Buy Scheme boosts weaker property markets

27th February 2017 | Buying and Selling a Home

According to a recent article in the Financial Times, the Help To Buy Scheme is being used by house builders to boost the property market in parts of England where there is “least demand”. Since 2013, more than 100,000 purchases have been backed by the Help To Buy Scheme. According to research carried out by Hometrack, house builders were signing up developments with use of the scheme in areas where prices have fallen. What is the Help To Buy Scheme? Created by the government, the...


More than 150,000 have bought a home through Help to Buy

18th April 2016 | Buying and Selling a Home

More than 150,000 people have got on to the housing ladder through Help to Buy, according to the latest figures from the government. The statistics show that since the launch of the scheme in 2013: • more than 150,000 completions have taken place, with 80% having been made by first-time buyers • the average house price was £188,380 significantly below the national average • 95% of Help to Buy completions took place outside of London • over half of Help to Buy completions...


Help to Buy ISAs now available for first time buyers

30th November 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Help to Buy ISAs, which provide first time buyers with a 25% bonus on their savings when buying a home, are now available from banks and building societies. The scheme is designed to help thousands of young people to get on the housing ladder. The government has pledged to add £25 to every £100 you save for a home. The maximum bonus is £3,000, available when your savings in the ISA reach £12,000. There is no minimum investment. You can start with an initial deposit of up to...


Buying A New Build Off Plan?

20th November 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Buying a new build off plan can be one of the most exciting ways to buy a house as you can have real control over how your home looks, but there are some downsides to buying off plan. Here are some of the things you will need to consider before you take the plunge and buy a new build that is currently just a building site. Help to buy has helped to kick start the desire for new build property and this may mean that you fail to consider the risks that may be involved – you will...


A Guide to buying at Auction

17th September 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Thanks to the rise in television programmes like ‘Homes under the Hammer’ showing the returns that can be made on property bought at auction, many people are now considering this as an option to get the property they want. There are so many benefits to buying at auction, however it is really important to understand the process so you go into it with your eyes wide open and don’t expose yourself to potential legal issues or monetary sanctions. This guide will help you to plan and buy...


How is threat of a rise in interest rates affecting the market?

12th August 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Mortgage companies and lenders seem to be reacting to the threat of a rise in interest rates by pulling their most attractive fixed rate offers off the shelf. This means that you should act quickly if you are planning to move or looking for a new mortgage deal. The problem with a few lenders taking action like this is that the other lenders take notice and then start to do the same. This results in a bigger impact in the market. With competition so stiff in the last few years, many lenders...


Downsizing – An end to the housing crisis?

15th July 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

With property being snapped up quickly in sought after locations and a very real housing crisis happening, there is a new focus on older people who are living in large properties that they no longer utilise. In fact, statistics say that there are over 3 million people in the UK who are over 55 and looking to downsize – but what exactly is stopping them? First and foremost is the lack of suitable smaller property for older people. Only 2 per cent of all housebuilding completed in the UK is...


How to sell your home this Summer

16th June 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

A Guide on How To Sell Your Home This Summer | Middletons Solicitors With the weather hopefully on the turn towards some sunshine, your thoughts may be turning to putting your property on the market so you can move on to a new home. The summer can be a difficult time to sell your home with lots of people away on holiday, but there are some key benefits to selling this summer. • Post-election surge – with a majority government in place and the country being stable, many property...