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First Time Buyers Guide

17th March 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

It’s an exciting time for you to buy your first home, but it can also be a very stressful one. You can reduce stress levels by understanding the market, your investment and being clear about what you want and what you don’t want. This guide will help you to understand the process so you feel well informed about the various stages of purchasing a house. 1. Where do you want to live? It is important to be clear about the type of house and the area you want to live in. Make sure that...


What Is A Clean Break Order?

20th February 2015 | Family Matters

When getting divorced from your spouse, there are a number of different orders which can be made during the process and one of these is a clean break order. Whilst there is an additional cost involved in getting this in place, there are also a number of benefits to this order being in place. It can offer you some real protection against any future financial claims made against you by your ex-spouse. Most of us think that once the divorce is settled that it is all over and the...


Can you get more for less by building your own house?

12th February 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

How Cost Effective Is Building Your Own Home? | Middletons A survey carried out by the National Self Build Association suggests that there are more than seven million people in the UK who are considering building their own property, but how realistic is this dream, what challenges does it bring and more importantly, how cost effective is it? Self build is undoubtedly challenging, however there are varying degrees of self build. The most common one is where you do everything yourself and...


Builders win damages from client over contract breach

4th February 2015 | Business Law

Builders Win Damages Over Contract Breach | Middletons Solicitors A contractor that was left more than £100,000 out of pocket when a customer cancelled a building project has been awarded damages by the High Court. The compensation was awarded even though the firm didn’t have a signed contract. The issue arose after the firm won a tender to build an extension to a house. During negotiations over final pricing, the customer was sent a blank copy of the proposed contract and the JCT...


Tenancy deposit error prevents landlord repossessing property

3rd February 2015 | Commercial Property

A landlord has been prevented from serving a possession notice because the tenant’s deposit had not been placed in an authorised protection scheme. This was in spite of the fact that that the deposit had been paid before the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) regulations came into force. The case involved a tenant who had started a tenancy in 2002 and paid a deposit. The tenancy was renewed in 2005. This was after the TDS regulations were introduced. However, the landlord didn’t place the...


‘Homemaker’ wife wins chance to get better divorce settlement

28th January 2015 | Family Matters

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a judge got it wrong when calculating the divorce settlement for a woman who gave up a lucrative career to look after her children. The case of Julia Hammans will now be re-tried by another judge to ensure that she is treated fairly. The court heard that Ms Hammans gave up a high paid job as a financial director so that she and her husband could raise a family. When the couple divorced in 2004 after 21 years of marriage, she estimated that their...


Stamp duty changes provide boost for 98% of homebuyers

27th January 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Changes to stamp duty announced in the Autumn Statement by Chancellor George Osborne have helped stimulate the housing market, according to solicitors and estate agents. Mr Osborne said 98% of people in England and Wales will now pay less duty when buying a property. Only those buying homes worth more than £937,000 will be worse off. The changes, which came into effect on Dec 4, introduced more gradual increases in stamp duty rates. Under the previous system, the duty had been...


Is There A Time Period For A Personal Injury Claim?

21st January 2015 | Personal Injury

How long do I have to make a personal injury claim? | Middletons Solicitor  If you have been injured in an accident you could claim compensation for your injuries. You may have been injured in an accident at work, a car accident, a sports accident or perhaps in a trip or slip. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, you should get advice from a specialist solicitor to see if you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. This can be particularly important if you have...


Care home fees – Can I get them back?

19th January 2015 | Wills & Probate

There has been a lot of discussion about who pays for care once we have a need for more involved care, such as a nursing home. In some circumstances, your relative may have paid for their care in a nursing home but should be entitled to have those costs paid by the NHS instead. Whilst there are means testing rules in place, many older people are left in a position where they have no choice but to sell their home and use this money to pay for their care. If a relative is paying for their care...


Can I Get My Rental Deposit Back?

15th January 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Can I Get My Rental Deposit Back? A Guide To Rental Deposit Common Practice and Schemes | Middletons When you rent a property it is normal practice to pay a deposit. The rental deposit is there to give the landlord some protection in case you don’t pay your rent or you damage the property. Usually, you pay one month’s rent as a deposit when you move in and as long as all is well throughout the rental period, you should get your deposit back. Due to the large number of disputes...