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‘Homemaker’ wife wins chance to get better divorce settlement

28th January 2015 | Family Matters

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a judge got it wrong when calculating the divorce settlement for a woman who gave up a lucrative career to look after her children. The case of Julia Hammans will now be re-tried by another judge to ensure that she is treated fairly. The court heard that Ms Hammans gave up a high paid job as a financial director so that she and her husband could raise a family. When the couple divorced in 2004 after 21 years of marriage, she estimated that their...


Stamp duty changes provide boost for 98% of homebuyers

27th January 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Changes to stamp duty announced in the Autumn Statement by Chancellor George Osborne have helped stimulate the housing market, according to solicitors and estate agents. Mr Osborne said 98% of people in England and Wales will now pay less duty when buying a property. Only those buying homes worth more than £937,000 will be worse off. The changes, which came into effect on Dec 4, introduced more gradual increases in stamp duty rates. Under the previous system, the duty had been...


Is There A Time Period For A Personal Injury Claim?

21st January 2015 | Personal Injury

How long do I have to make a personal injury claim? | Middletons Solicitor  If you have been injured in an accident you could claim compensation for your injuries. You may have been injured in an accident at work, a car accident, a sports accident or perhaps in a trip or slip. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, you should get advice from a specialist solicitor to see if you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. This can be particularly important if you have...


Care home fees – Can I get them back?

19th January 2015 | Wills & Probate

There has been a lot of discussion about who pays for care once we have a need for more involved care, such as a nursing home. In some circumstances, your relative may have paid for their care in a nursing home but should be entitled to have those costs paid by the NHS instead. Whilst there are means testing rules in place, many older people are left in a position where they have no choice but to sell their home and use this money to pay for their care. If a relative is paying for their care...


Can I Get My Rental Deposit Back?

15th January 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Can I Get My Rental Deposit Back? A Guide To Rental Deposit Common Practice and Schemes | Middletons When you rent a property it is normal practice to pay a deposit. The rental deposit is there to give the landlord some protection in case you don’t pay your rent or you damage the property. Usually, you pay one month’s rent as a deposit when you move in and as long as all is well throughout the rental period, you should get your deposit back. Due to the large number of disputes...


Nearly 40,000 first-time buyers used Help to Buy in first year

10th November 2014 | Buying and Selling a Home

Nearly 40k First Time Buyers Use Help To Buy in 2016 | Middletons Solicitors  The Help to Buy schemes, launched by the government last year, have enabled nearly 40,000 people to buy their first home, according to official statistics. Help to Buy consists of two schemes which enable people to buy a property even if they only have 5% of the purchase cost. More than 48,000 people in total have taken advantage of Help to Buy in the scheme’s first year. The government has released...


Commercial tenant not entitled to refund on prepaid rent

3rd November 2014 | Commercial Property

Commercial Tenant Not Entitled To Prepaid Rent Refund | Middletons The Court of Appeal has ruled that a commercial tenant was not entitled to a refund of prepaid sums after exercising a release clause. The tenant had a commercial lease which was due to expire in 2018. The terms included a break clause that offered the tenant the option of terminating the lease in either January 2012 or January 2016. The tenant exercised the clause at the first opportunity and paid the basic rent for...


What Grounds Can I Use In A Divorce?

31st October 2014 | Family Matters

What Are Considered Grounds For Divorce? | Middletons Solicitors  Once you have made the difficult decision to get a divorce, there are five grounds that can be used in your divorce petition. Grounds for divorce is a legal term used to describe the reason you give on your divorce petition for the ending of your marriage. The first grounds for divorce is adultery. This means that your spouse had a sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex outside of your marriage. The grounds for...


How do I deal with access arrangements with an ex-partner?

6th October 2014 | Family Matters

How to deal with child access arrangements | Middletons Solicitors  Trying to come to terms with the breakdown of your relationship is always difficult, but this becomes even more complex where there are children involved. When you have to take into account your emotions and feelings about your ex-partner, especially if the breakdown was acrimonious, it can be very hard to be reasonable about access to the children. This can be particularly difficult if your ex-partner is in a new...


Pensioner awarded £9,000 after slipping on shop floor

3rd October 2014 | Personal Injury

Personal Injury Shop Claim Awards Pensioner £9k | Middletons Solicitors A pensioner has been awarded £9,000 compensation after she slipped on a coat hanger in a shop. The woman had been making her way through the store when she stepped on the hanger which had been left on the floor. It caused her left foot to slip backwards and she fell forwards, landing on her face and right arm. She suffered a fractured wrist as well as cuts to her lip and right eyebrow. She needed a k-wire...