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Will New Mortgage Rules Affect You?

4th June 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Will New Mortgage Rules Affect You? | Middletons Solicitors New and stricter rules were imposed by banks and building societies in 2014. As a result, there are now a number of people who are being affected by this tougher regime, with some estimates as high as 40 per cent of people who will now not be able to get a new mortgage. This will not only affect people who have sold their property and are moving home, but also those whose mortgage deal has come to an end and need to...


How re-marriages can lead to disputes over Wills

3rd June 2015 | Wills & Probate

The rising number of re-marriages and relationships involving older couples has led to an increasing number of disputes over Wills in the last few years. Conflicts due to relationships started later in life have now become one of the main reasons for families taking legal action if they feel they have missed out on their rightful inheritance following the death of a relative. A typical problem arises when a man or woman remarries and then leaves all their Estate to their current...


Charity Cyclist’s Widow Receives Compensation

15th May 2015 | Personal Injury

Charity Cyclist’s Widow Receives Compensation | Middletons Solicitors  The widow of a man who was killed after hitting a pothole in the road during a charity bike ride has been awarded a six figure sum in compensation from North Yorkshire County Council. Martyn Uzzell was completing a charity bike ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats and was cycling on the A65 near Giggleswick when he hit a pothole in the road and was thrown off his bike into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The...


How Can I Resolve A Dispute?

13th May 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Disputes can happen over many different things and in many different places. You may find yourself involved with a dispute with your landlord, with your neighbour or perhaps with your employer. These disputes will obviously occur for very different reasons however, the resolution process is similar in all of them. It is important to recognise that disputes can often escalate quickly but understanding how they can be resolved may help you to bring your dispute to a close. When you...


Battling sisters lose control of elderly mother’s finances

30th April 2015 | Wills & Probate

Secure Your Interests With By Drawing Up A Lasting Power of Attorney | Middletons Two sisters who detest each other and no longer speak have lost the right to look after their elderly mother’s finances. Their 97-year-old mother drew up a lasting power of attorney (LPA) eight years ago appointing them as her deputies so they could make decisions on her behalf if she became unable to manage her finances herself. The mother is now frail and in need of support but a judge has ruled...


Apprentices are top gainers as National Minimum Wage rises

15th April 2015 | Business Law

Apprentices Top Gainers As National Wage Rises | Middletons Solicitors Apprentices will get the biggest pay boost when the National Minimum Wage increases come into effect in October. The adult rate will rise by 20p from £6.50 per hour to £6.70, a 3% increase. However, the rate for apprentices will rise by 57p to £3.30 per hour. The government says the larger increase is designed to make the pay rate for apprenticeships comparable to other choices for work. Ministers are also...


Could a Help to Buy ISA get you on to the property ladder?

30th March 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Could Help To Buy ISA Get You On The Property Ladder? | Middletons  Help to Buy ISAs offering first time buyers a 25% bonus on their savings have proved to be one the most talked about elements from George Osborne’s Budget statement. Some commentators fear they may push up house prices, but they’re likely to prove hugely popular with young people who have found it difficult to raise the deposit needed to take their first step on the property ladder. The new ISAs will be...


Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Tenant

18th March 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Tenant | Middletons Solicitors When you rent a property you have a number of rights but you also take on a number of responsibilities. It is important you understand what these rights and responsibilities are so you can behave as a responsible tenant, whilst also making sure your landlord behaves within the law. If you or your landlord act outside of the law, there may be a dispute between you and this could result in court action to resolve...


First Time Buyers Guide

17th March 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

It’s an exciting time for you to buy your first home, but it can also be a very stressful one. You can reduce stress levels by understanding the market, your investment and being clear about what you want and what you don’t want. This guide will help you to understand the process so you feel well informed about the various stages of purchasing a house. 1. Where do you want to live? It is important to be clear about the type of house and the area you want to live in. Make sure that...


What Is A Clean Break Order?

20th February 2015 | Family Matters

When getting divorced from your spouse, there are a number of different orders which can be made during the process and one of these is a clean break order. Whilst there is an additional cost involved in getting this in place, there are also a number of benefits to this order being in place. It can offer you some real protection against any future financial claims made against you by your ex-spouse. Most of us think that once the divorce is settled that it is all over and the...