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Woman injured by negligent driver awarded more than £10,000

27th January 2016 | Personal Injury

Woman Injured By Negligent Driver Awarded Over £10k A woman who was injured in an accident involving a negligent driver has been awarded more than £10,000 compensation. The court heard that the woman had been stationary in her car when another vehicle ran into it at speed. The impact pushed her car forward several feet and she sustained injuries to her neck and knee. The woman, who is 70, had to have surgery and was unable to walk for two months afterwards. She suffered severe...


Divorce settlements may have to be recalculated due to error

4th January 2016 | Family Matters

Thousands of divorce settlements may have to be recalculated due to an error on a form on the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) website. The error involves Form E, which is shown on the website and is used to record the financial details of divorcing couples including their assets and liabilities. It’s been discovered that the software running the form has not been taking all liabilities into account and so may produce misleading results in some circumstances. Not all couples use the...


Investors bring £27m negligence claim against property valuers

7th December 2015 | Dispute Resolution

A group of investors have brought a £27m professional negligence claim against a firm of property valuers following the collapse of a major development project. A judge at a preliminary hearing said they have a good chance of success but a full trial was necessary to assess the full extent of the loss and to what extent the valuers were to blame. The case involved a company that wanted to acquire five sites to develop into regional fire control centres. A property firm was...


What is Intestacy?

4th December 2015 | Wills & Probate

When you die, no matter how much money you have, your estate has to be dealt with. This means that a family member or close friend must talk to the bank, disconnect all your utilities, pay of all your debts and get back any money owed. This is called probate and this is usually triggered by finding a Will and identifying who has been named as the Executor of the estate. However, when a Will cannot be found there is nothing there to trigger this process or allocate anyone to complete this...


Help to Buy ISAs now available for first time buyers

30th November 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Help to Buy ISAs, which provide first time buyers with a 25% bonus on their savings when buying a home, are now available from banks and building societies. The scheme is designed to help thousands of young people to get on the housing ladder. The government has pledged to add £25 to every £100 you save for a home. The maximum bonus is £3,000, available when your savings in the ISA reach £12,000. There is no minimum investment. You can start with an initial deposit of up to...


Resolve A Dispute With Your Landlord

25th November 2015 | Dispute Resolution

Renting a property is usually hassle free and runs smoothly, providing both you and your landlord adhere to your responsibilities and honour the terms of your tenancy agreement. However, sometimes things don’t work out well and you end up in a dispute with your landlord. When this happens it is important to understand exactly what your rights are and to understand your ongoing responsibilities even when you are in dispute with your landlord. There are many different reasons why...


How the new right to rent checks will affect landlords

23rd November 2015 | Commercial Property

The Home Office has released details of how landlords will be expected to carry out right to rent checks to make sure tenants are entitled to be in the UK. From 1 February 2016, you will be affected if you are a private landlord, have a lodger, are sub-letting a property or are an agent appointed by a landlord to carry out right to rent checks. If you come under any of these categories then you will need to: • Check adult tenants will live in the property as their only or main...


Buying A New Build Off Plan?

20th November 2015 | Buying and Selling a Home

Buying a new build off plan can be one of the most exciting ways to buy a house as you can have real control over how your home looks, but there are some downsides to buying off plan. Here are some of the things you will need to consider before you take the plunge and buy a new build that is currently just a building site. Help to buy has helped to kick start the desire for new build property and this may mean that you fail to consider the risks that may be involved – you will...


Two women deceived in divorce settlements can apply for more

12th November 2015 | Family Matters

Two women who claim their husbands withheld the true extent of their wealth in divorce proceedings have won their appeal to be allowed to reopen their cases and apply for a better settlement. Alison Sharland received £10m in cash and property when she divorced her husband Charles three years ago. At the time she was led to believe that his business, Appsense, was valued at between £31m and £47m. However, reports in the media later suggested that the business was due to be...


Neighbourly Disputes

9th November 2015 | Dispute Resolution

How To Approach Neighbourly Disputes | Middletons Solicitors When you move into a house you are never sure of the type of neighbour you are going to get. Most people get on with their neighbours, but there are times when relations can be strained. This can be for any number of reasons, such as on street parking, boundaries, repairs to shared amenities or problems with noise. Hopefully the issues can be ironed out and you can continue to live in peace with your neighbour. Sometimes though,...